Top 5 Best Car and Truck Batteries

The most reliable indicator of a failing battery is a car that is slow or difficult to start. The Best Car and Truck Batteries provide power to the starter, which must turn the engine against piston compression.

This requires lots of power, particularly in vehicles with diesel engines. A jump start can temporarily revive worn batteries, but a battery that requires more than one jump-start is dead.

Avoid taking any risks. The modest cost of replacing the battery is well worth avoiding the stress of a breakdown on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Vehicles with engine stop-start systems are typically equipped with either conventional lead-acid batteries or the more advanced absorbent glass mat (AGM) design.

If you are uncertain about the size, amp-hour rating, or cold-cranking amps required for your vehicle, consult the existing battery’s label or the owner’s manual for your vehicle’s manufacturer. This article lists six of the best car batteries to keep you charged while driving.

Best Car and Truck Batteries

1. Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima Batteries | Best Car and Truck Batteries

Due to its high power and reserve capacity, quick starting ability, and leak proof lead acid design, the Optima 35 RedTop is the preferred battery for everything from commuter cars and pickups to classic hot rods and off-road vehicles. heavy duty truck battery

It withstands heavy use, is resistant to vibration even in harsh conditions, and can be stored for extended periods of time. Optima’s SpiralCell technology generates clean, powerful energy through the use of spiral-wound cells composed of two 99.99 percent lead plates that are precisely coated in lead oxide. heavy duty battery

This 12-volt battery provides 720 amps of cold-cranking power and weighs 31.7 pounds. Despite being designated as a starting battery, the Optima RedTop has a 90-minute reserve capacity for continuous performance.

The RedTop has an excellent reputation for quality, but there have been a few consumer complaints about this battery’s lifespan of just over a year. If you are searching for a battery to power a vehicle with multiple electronic accessories, such as a DVD player, powered sliding doors, inverters, or winches, or if you have a specialized vehicle, such as a race car, an Optima YellowTop may be a better option.

Maintenance-free Some buyers report replacement needed after a year
Spillproof Heavy
Vibration resistant Pricier than some more traditional batteries


2. Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT

Odyssey Batteries  | Best Car and Truck Batteries

When it comes to extreme temperature tolerance, particularly in northern climates, the Odyssey Extreme Series 34/78 – PC1500 battery offers the greatest value. It can function at temperatures between -40°C and 45°C (-40°F and 104°F).

The plates of the battery are made of pure virgin lead, allowing Odyssey to pack more plates for greater surface area. That equals increased strength. This battery, according to the manufacturer, has twice the overall power and three times the lifespan of standard batteries, as well as the highest recharge efficiency of any sealed battery on the market. heavy duty truck battery

Odyssey batteries are designed to keep up with the electronics-packed vehicles of today. The Extreme Series 34/78-PC1500DT model has 850 CCA for robust starting power, even in freezing temperatures. It weighs a staggering 51.5 pounds, however.

If weight is a concern, whether for installation or simply carrying more pounds in your vehicle, you may wish to continue reading. The Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT is ideal for vehicles that require top terminals because, according to some customer complaints, the included side terminals tend to break more quickly over time.

Operates in extreme temperatures Side terminals reported to break
Extreme deep cycling capability Even by car battery standards, it’s heavier than an anvil
70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries Expensive


3. ACDelco Gold B24R Hybrid Vehicle AGM BCI Group 51 Battery

ACDelco | Best Car and Truck Batteries

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design of the ACDelco Gold B24R Hybrid battery enables the high cycling capabilities that hybrid vehicles require for optimal performance. They are, after all, constantly turning their engines off and on again. best car battery for cold weather

According to the manufacturer, the valve-regulated gas recombinant technology of this battery offers up to three times the cycle life of conventional auto batteries in conventional vehicle applications. In addition, its leak-proof pressurized valve system protects terminals from acid and dry-out damage. The Advantage AGM series battery is specially designed to fit the majority of Toyota Prius models. heavy duty battery

With only 325 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), the ACDelco Gold B24R requires more regulated storage temperatures. If you frequently drive short distances or intend to store your hybrid vehicle for an extended period of time, Best Car and Truck Batteries

ACDelco recommends that you test the battery every two months to ensure that it maintains a voltage of 12.4 volts or higher to ensure a longer lifespan. A 24-month warranty is included with the purchase, which may come in handy as a few purchasers have reported a short lifespan. Best Car and Truck Batteries

Best for hybrid vehicles Limited vehicle fitment
AGM technology Only 325 cold-cranking amps
3-times the cycle life of conventional auto batteries Packs in more charging cycles, but doesn’t last as long as some regular batteries


4. Antigravity Batteries ATX30-HD

Antigravity Batteries | Best Car and Truck Batteries

The heavy-duty ATX30 Lithium Ion Battery from Antigravity Batteries is the most powerful, lightweight, and compact battery available on the market. It has a rating of 970 cranking amps and 48 amp hours and weighs only 7.81 pounds.

It has twice the capacity of comparable competitor lithium batteries and twice the life cycle of lead acid batteries. The Antigravity battery benefits owners of specialized vehicles such as heavily-accessorized touring motorcycles, racing and street performance vehicles, and even experimental aircraft. Adapters for vehicle terminals are sold car battery for cold weather

The ATX30-HD model includes a test button with an illuminated voltage indicator that facilitates determining the battery’s charge level. A complete battery management system (BMS) protects the battery from overcharging and discharging.

The BMS and thermal protections make this the safest and longest-lasting battery conceivable. Its compact dimensions are 5 inches in width, 6.5 inches in length, and 6.8 inches in height. The battery can be mounted in any orientation for maximum space-saving in motorsports and custom vehicle applications. Best Car and Truck Batteries

Lightweight and compact, but very powerful May need a custom mount
Mountable in any position Car terminal adapters are sold separately
Long life High price


‎5. XS Power D3400 XS Series

XS Power batteries | Best Car and Truck Batteries

If you’re serious about your vehicle’s performance or need to power an extensive audio system, the XS Power D3400 battery has the highest power output and reserve capacity. Using the highest energy density chemistry known for AGM batteries, this 12-volt battery is capable of 4,000 watts, which is sufficient to power A$AP Rocky’s speakers. heavy duty truck battery, Best Car and Truck Batteries

It features an impressive 1,000 cranking amps at 32°F and a reserve capacity of up to 135 minutes. The company XS Power employs accredited laboratories to ensure that their batteries are of the highest quality. heavy duty battery

The D3400 XS Series is quite heavy at 48 pounds, but it can be mounted in virtually any orientation. It has top M6 terminal bolts and does not include battery posts;

however, cables from the existing battery can be easily disconnected and mounted directly to the battery. If your application requires it, you can purchase battery posts car battery for cold weather

High power output Battery posts not included
Massive reserve capacity Heavy
Mount in almost any position Expensive

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FAQs About Best Car and Truck Batteries

Best Car and Truck Batteries

How long does a car battery last?

Batteries for automobiles, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles typically remain in peak condition for three to five years, but they gradually deteriorate and lose charging capacity until they cannot start the engine. Vehicle owners should periodically inspect the condition of their battery. After three years, it is advisable to test at least annually. Every oil change should include a thorough examination of the battery and its connectors. If a battery test reveals deterioration or if your vehicle’s lights or electronic devices are showing signs of aging, such as dimming, it may be time to replace them.

How do I know if I need a new car battery?

If the battery charge indicator light illuminates on your dashboard or if the starter motor turns the engine slowly, it’s likely time to replace the battery. When idling, dim incandescent headlights in older vehicles indicate a weak battery. Or, if the headlights of your vehicle appear dim at night, rev the engine while in park or neutral. If the headlights become brighter as the engine revs, it is likely that the battery is failing. If you install a new battery and it dies quickly, you may need a new alternator, the component that charges the battery while the engine is running.

Why does a car battery lose charge?

Batteries use an electrochemical process to convert chemical energy into electricity. Batteries have a finite number of charge and discharge cycles before the amount of energy they can store and the maximum amount of power they can output begin to diminish. Batteries degrade more rapidly in cold and hot temperatures, but any battery left unused will discharge (as many office-commuting drivers learned in 2020). Batteries in vehicles that are only used for short trips may never have the opportunity to fully recharge, hastening their deterioration. Other factors, such as vibration from rough roads or loose hardware, a faulty vehicle charging system, and humidity, can be detrimental to batteries.

What type of battery do I need? How many cranking amps do I need?

Consider the battery type, group size, terminal configuration, and cold-cranking amps (CCA) or amp-hour (Ah) rating when selecting a battery for your vehicle. The group size is determined by the model and engine type of your vehicle, as well as the orientation of the battery terminal and the exterior dimensions of the battery case. The group number assigned to each battery is visible on the side or top of the case. Ensure that the group size number on the new battery matches the group size number on the existing battery and that the CCA or Ah matches the manufacturer’s specifications for the vehicle. The improper installation of a battery may result in damage to the vehicle’s electrical system, for instance if the terminal locations create a short circuit with nearby components. Consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle if you are uncertain about which battery to purchase.

How can I make my vehicles battery last longer?

To prolong the life of your vehicle’s battery, simply perform routine maintenance checks and servicing. By performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, you can ensure that an inefficient engine, alternator, or other components are not taxing the battery. Avoid leaving your vehicle’s lights or accessories on when the engine is off, as doing so will drain the battery and shorten its lifespan. Starting and driving your vehicle at least once per week for a minimum of 10 minutes will prevent the battery from draining from inactivity and allow it to recharge. Check your battery connections if you drive your vehicle off-road or over rough streets and dirt roads, as the additional vibrations can loosen them. Keep the terminals and casing of your battery free of dirt, dust, and debris to ensure a reliable connection.

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