Top 5 Best Bumper Guards to protect your car

No one cares about your car as much as you do. In fact, people often show how little they care when they park on the street. Best Bumper Guards. When people try to squeeze their cars into a tight spot in front of or behind your parked car, they often damage it. The result is scratches, scrapes, and dents.

Many people use bumper guards as their first choice. Once upon a time, that meant gluing a couple of big blocks of black rubber to each bumper, but now the aftermarket has come up with newer and, in some cases, more attractive products. We found five bumper guards that are known to be good. Each one has a different feature. Each has its own pros and cons when it comes to coverage, installation, removal, durability, theft resistance, and, of course, price. Most of them are priced within a few dollars of each other, and even the most expensive one on our list won’t break the bank.

The Best Car Bumper Guards


1. Bumper Bully Extreme Gold Edition

Bumper Bully Extreme Gold Edition  | Best Bumper Guards

The Bumper Bully Extreme Gold Edition looks like it lives up to its name: it looks scary. With one of these, no one will be able to say “I didn’t see your car” as an excuse. It’s a big rubber guard with red and yellow reflectors that let you know it’s there day and night. Steel threads are sewn into the straps that hold it together, which adds to its durability and makes it hard to steal. It has a hole for cars whose license plates are on the bumper instead of in the trunk lid. When not in use, the guard is easy to take off and put in the trunk. One of the best car bumper guard.

Soft rubber For rear bumper only
Built-in reflectors May leave corners exposed
Straps woven with steel threads  


2. Bumper Badger HD

Bumper Badger HD  | Best Bumper Guards

The best thing about the Bumper Badger HD is that you don’t have to take it off to store it. When not in use, the Bumper Badger HD flips up and fits inside the trunk or tailgate. When you park, you don’t have to put it back together or make any adjustments. Just flip it down and close the lid. It also has a hole for a license plate if your car’s plate is on the back bumper.

Straps to inside of trunk/tailgate For rear bumper only
License plate cutout for bumper-mounted plates Some users say straps can interfere with closing the trunk/tailgate
Rigid rubberized plastic  


3. Rhino Guard HD Corner Bumper Guards

Rhino Guard HD Corner Bumper Guards  | Best Bumper Guards

Set up the Rhino Guard HD Corner Bumper Guards and forget about them. Your vehicle has four rubber guards that stick to each corner. The Rhino Guard HD is easy to put on, and if your car already has black trim, it can look like it came from the factory that way. One of the best car bumper guard.

Always in place Only covers corners of the bumpers
Easy installation Only available in black
Can pass for original equipment trim on many vehicles Some owners are concerned about removal issues


4. Bump Shox XL Plate Frame

Rhino Guard HD Corner Bumper Guards  | Best Bumper Guards

The Bump Shox XL is great because it is easy to use and cheap. It’s a small guard for the bumper that lets the front license plate do the work. It’s a big piece of thick black foam that sticks out and is wrapped in a rubber license plate frame. It absorbs bumps from other cars or objects and keeps them from hitting the bumper itself. It’s easy to put on (the screws for the plate are longer) and easy to move from one car to another. One of the best car bumper guard.

Easy installation For front bumper only
Thick, shock-resistant foam rubber Protects only the center of the bumper
Always in place Drilling may be required 


5. BumperSafe

BumperSafe | Best Bumper Guards

The BumperSafe covers the whole bumper (all the way across and wrapping around the sides). It can be used on the front or back bumpers, and you can drive with them in place. The company that makes the guard calls it “universal” and says that it fits well because it can be adjusted and has Velcro straps. One of the best car bumper guard.

Full bumper coverage Owners say straps can be cut by thieves
Adjustable, with Velcro straps for secure fit Must be removed before going through a car wash
Can remain in place while driving Some users report discoloration of bumpers after removal

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FAQs About Best Bumper Guards

Best Bumper Guards

Are bumper guards worth it?

If you park your car on the street, a careless driver trying to parallel park in front of or behind you is likely to bump or scrape it. Repairs or an insurance deductible are much more expensive than a bumper guard.

Are bumper guards safe?

Well-made bumper guards protect not only your car, but also the car that bumps into yours, preventing both from getting cosmetic damage.

Do bumper guards work?

Even though all cars have to meet federal standards that say they should have little to no damage when hit at up to 2.5 mph, bumpers and car paint are inherently fragile and hard to fix. Even if someone hits you at a slow speed, if you have a new bumper with radar and parking sensors, the repair costs can be huge. Bumper guards are meant to protect the car’s exterior from damage at very low speeds, usually one mph or less. Don’t think that a bumper guard will protect your car from damage in a high-speed rear-end crash.

Can I drive with a bumper guard in place?

That’s up to the bumper guard. Some of our picks are made so that you can drive them (but, in one case, not for driving through a car wash). Others have warnings from the manufacturer that they should be taken off or flipped up and put in the trunk or tailgate before driving.

How long does it take to install a bumper guard?

This will depend on the type. Stick-on guards will need to be cleaned so that the glue will stick well. Some people may need to change. Bring patience and don’t be in a hurry. Guards that also hold the license plate can be put on in one minute (but may require drilling holes on your front bumper). Every time you park, you have to attach a hanging bumper guard to the inside of the trunk or tailgate.

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