Top 5 Best RV Water Filters to get the purest water

Best RV Water Filters – When you drive around the country in an RV, each place you go is different. That includes how the water tastes, how well it is made, and how clean it is. RV water filters can be pretty simple devices that reduce or get rid of odors, bad tastes, and sediment, but some go a lot further, trying to get rid of bacteria and viruses before they can get to the faucet and your drinking glass.

You get what you pay for with most things. The least expensive RV water filter on our list costs less than $30, and the most expensive one costs $500. Aside from your budget, you should think about how often you use your RV, where you go, and how the water is there without a filter.

Best RV Water Filters

1. Camco TastePure

Camco TastePure | Best RV Water Filters

The Camco TastePure is a good deal for campers who tend to stay at the same sites and just want to improve the taste of their drinking water. Pure t filters, It has a flexible hose and can remove sediment as small as 20 microns for a very low price. It is easily attached to the RV water inlet.

Low price Users say they need to run the water for a minute or more before drinking
Flexible hose Filter doesn’t address many contaminants
Easy installation Some owners report leaks


2. Waterdrop Inline

Waterdrop Inline | Best RV Water Filters

The Waterdrop Inline RV water filter is great for how well it filters water and how cheap it is. The manufacturer says that the four layers of filtration (non-woven fabric, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, granular-activated carbon, and another layer of non-woven fabric) will filter out suspended solids, large particles, odors, arsenic, heavy metals, and chlorine. It’s easy to set up and lasts a long time. The hose is flexible and doesn’t kink. Pure t filters. It is easily attached to the RV water inlet.

Easy to install Needs rubber gasket to prevent leaks
Durable construction Some users report a drop in water pressure after installation
Four layers of filtration A few buyers say they can’t tell a difference in water taste


3. Frizzlife SP99

Frizzlife SP99 | Best RV Water Filters

The Frizzlife SP99 is a good choice for a permanent water filter that doesn’t need to be set up with the supply hose or put away when moving. It has a three-stage filtration system and an extra faucet, so you can run hot water for dishes and pour cold water into glasses at the same time. Pure t filters. It is easily attached to the RV water inlet.

Always in place Low flow rate
Three-stage filtration Some users report leaks
Separate faucet allows simultaneous hot and cold water Pricey


4. Camco EVO

Camco EVO | Best RV Water Filters

The Camco EVO is an inline RV water filter that is in between the cheaper and more expensive inlines. It has a high level of filtration, is easy to set up, and is made of strong materials, which makes its moderate price a great deal. It is easily attached to the RV water inlet.

Easy installation Heavier than other inline filters
High degree of filtration Mounting hardware sold separately
Sturdy construction Some users report leaks


5. Clearsource Ultra

Clearsource Ultra | Best RV Water Filters

The Clearsource Ultra is what you need if you want to get rid of almost all risks in the water you drink in your RV. It has three stages of filtration: a 5.0-micron filter for rust and sediment, a 0.5-micron coconut shell carbon-block compound for chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants, and a third stage that filters out both bacteria and viruses. This is a top-of-the-line RV water filter that comes at a top-of-the-line price. The maker calls it “bulletproof,” and it has strong stainless steel fittings. Pure t filters.

Filtration includes protection against bacteria and viruses Expensive
Rugged construction Heavy
Durable stainless steel fittings Some users report leaks

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FAQs About Best RV Water Filters

Best RV Water Filters

Are RV water filters effective?

How well each filter works will vary a lot. Some are made to get rid of more contaminants than others, but a lot depends on how clean the water is that goes into the filter.

How long are RV water filters good for?

This also depends on the company making it. Most people say that the filter should be changed every three to six months. Some aren’t as clear, saying things like “every camping season.”

Do I need an RV water filter?

The quality of the water can vary a lot from place to place, and the water hookups at many campsites are old and may not be well taken care of. A simple water filter can improve the way water tastes. Diseases might be stopped by systems that are more complex.

Do RV water filters remove chlorine?

The chlorine taste is taken away by RV water filters, but the chlorine will already have done its job of making sure the water is clean.

Where do you install an RV water filter?

This will depend on how the filter is made. Some are put on the hose that brings the water in. Some are permanently built into the RV, usually under the sink.

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