Top 10 Best hidden GPS trackers for cars with long battery life.

You want to keep track of where a person or thing is or where a car is going. But you don’t want to make it too, well, obvious.

Then, a GPS tracker that runs on batteries is often your best option. They are the trackers that can do the most things.

Most of the time, they can be attached magnetically to the bottom of a car or another metal surface, or they can be put in a console or cubby. They can also be kept in a pocket or attached to something important.

All models let you see where the tracker is on a digital map, look at its trip history to see where it has been, and get alerts when it leaves or arrives at certain places (called geofences). The best-hidden GPS tracker for cars.

Overall, these don’t track driver performance as well as plug-in GPS trackers, and their batteries usually need to be charged every two weeks.

But they are easier to move around and hide. All of these trackers charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee because they send data over cellular networks.

Best hidden GPS tracker for cars

1. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker


LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker
  • People, cars, and/or assets can be tracked with a personal GPS device
  • Design that is ultra-compact, waterproof gps tracker, and equipped with a powerful magnet, Magnetic mini gps tracker.
  • An accessory that can be attached to a vehicle or tucked away in a bag, tote or pocketbook. Mini gps tracker.


2. Optimus GB100M 4G LTE


Optimus GB100M 4G LTE
  • Car and truck tracking with the Optimus Vehicle GPS Tracker — hardwired installation requires only two wires and can be done directly on the battery of the vehicle (Positive and Negative).
  • It costs $12.95 per month but you can cancel at any moment with no obligation or further charges.
  • Tracking on the go has never been easier thanks to an iPhone and Android app that updates every 30 seconds.


3. Tracki 2022 model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker magnetic


Tracki 2022 model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker
  • 4G LTE + additional triband allows for real-time tracking over virtually any distance. A monthly cost is required to pay. The United States and the rest of the planet are completely covered. SIM card for roaming abroad is provided. We are a GPS tracking company situated in the United States. White label resellers are the only ones who compete with us. Top cellular giants like Vodafone are among our clients. On addition to tracking vehicles, you can also keep an eye out for children and their pets as well as old people on a motorcycle or in a boat. The monthly charge might be as little as 9.95 USD. Mini gps tracker.
  • 1.75×1.5×0.55in Tracki is the smallest and lightest, weighing just 1.26oz. 4G LTE + 3G + 2G combination works with any network new or old to provide the optimum coverage. Tracki offers better coverage than Trackers, which only has 4G LTE. Included is a built-in SIM card, which may be used anywhere in the world. Magnet, waterproof gps tracker with silicone cover, belt clip, lanyards and keychains are all included in the package. 5 years history. We feel that the consumer is the most important person in the world, hence we have phone advisors available seven days a week. Magnetic mini gps tracker.
  • Up to 5 days of continuous use on a single charge (although this decreases as the device moves). Real-time updates every 1-5 minutes. tracking 1-3 times per day for 30 to 75 days if real time tracking is not required (using battery save mode). Battery life can be increased to 3-4 weeks with a 1-minute update and up to 10 months with a daily tracking accessory (not included with ASIN B07YVNV82V) that has a 3,500mAh battery with a 6-times longer life and a magnetic waterproof box.


4. Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker


Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker
  • GPS Tracker – Installs in 10 seconds. To use, simply attach it to a metal surface that is flat and magnetic. Magnetic mini gps tracker.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery – Best in Class – 2 Months!, GPS tracker long battery life
  • Pay as little as $18 a month and cancel at any time – there are no contracts or fees, and you can cancel at any time. GPS Tracking App, Cloud Hosted Web Application (available from any web browser), and Data Plan are included in the service. Data Storage for up to 12 months is also included. Waterproof gps tracker.


5. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker


Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker
  • Mini GPS tracker for everything, anyplace in the United States. Using the accompanying app, you can get up and running in no time. It’s easy to conceal thanks to its small size and low weight. Refreshed on April 22, 2019.
  • Stop crime with real-time GPS tracking, motion and tilt alerts. A vehicle tracking gadget. If your car, motorcycle, bike, van, boat, truck, or other tools are stolen, act swiftly to prevent further damage. Customer service in the United States.
  • SAVE YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS FROM THE DANGERS OF LIFE! Standalone & discreet tiny gps tracker, simple to conceal. 24/7 monitoring offers you piece of mind. Tracking device for seniors, teenagers, children, and other family members.Best hidden GPS tracker for cars


6. Brickhouse Security 140-Day LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker


Brickhouse Security 140-Day LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker
  • 4G Spark Nano 7’s built-in battery lasts 15 days on standby, but with the accompanying extended battery you’ll get 140 days of additional life for long-term car and asset tracking. Magnetic mini gps tracker.
  • North American 4G LTE coverage: Don’t miss a beat even when your personal cars, fleet trucks, or other assets cross the border into Mexico or Canada. GPS tracker long battery life
  • Installation under the hood or dash can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Once the magnetic enclosure is attached to a car, it immediately begins transmitting data. Best hidden GPS tracker for cars


7. Spytec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker


Spytec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Spytec GPS uses 4G satellite technology to provide the fastest and easiest GPS tracking for automobiles, goods, and equipment. Using our iOS/Android apps, you can receive GPS tracker location notifications.
  • You may see your tracker on a map, adjust alerts and boundaries, check prior statistics, speed, distance & more with the software and tools provided.
  • Consistent service: Our cloud-based technology provides the data you need, when you need it, with more than 99.999% uptime and a processing time of.256 milliseconds. Best hidden GPS tracker for cars, Mini gps tracker.


8. GPS Tracker – Optimus 3.0 4G LTE Bundle with Twin Magnet Case


 GPS Tracker - Optimus 3.0 4G LTE Bundle with Twin Magnet Case
  • POWERFUL Twin Magnet Case with Accurate, Discreet, and Real-Time GPS Tracking.
  • There are no contracts and no hidden fees, so you may cancel at any moment. You can even upgrade to the 10 second report frequency for free.
  • Our EASY TO USE State-of-the-Art Tracking Software allows you to monitor your vehicle, machines, valuables, and loved ones LIVE 24/7. Mini gps tracker.


9. Vyncs – GPS Tracker for Vehicles 4G


Vyncs - GPS Tracker for Vehicles 4G
  • A VEHICLE GPS TRACKER. The 4G LTE DEVICE. Pay once and you’re done: There are no monthly fees. Cost of registration: 39.99 dollars (full refund if returned and account cancelled within 30 days). Included is a one-year subscription to the Service. 78.93-dollar renewal in the second year (no activation fee). Real-time tracking: AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States, as well as worldwide. There is a SIM card included in the package. People of all ages are welcome to join in on the fun. Vyncs OBD Extension Cable can be used to hide the OBD-II port of a vehicle. Access your current location in real time with an iPhone, Android, or Web app.
  • It has VYNCS. There’s no need for a battery because the OBDII port is powered. DTC Codes, Fuel Economy, Fuel Level (if available), True Idling, Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, Manufacturer Recall, and Vehicle Maintenance are all included in this table. Replacement for a Vyncs SIM if the original fails. One of the most unique features of Groups: Locate loved ones’ phones while they are walking, biking, or riding public transportation. Only the Vyncs app for Android and iOS devices is required. If your phone is stolen or lost, you can even use it to find it. GPS tracker long battery life
  • TRIPS AND LOCATION MONITORING IN REAL TIME.. Every second, it gathers data, analyzes it, and then sends an update to the server. Depending on your preference, you can choose between 60, 30 or 15 second update upgrades. On the map, there is no limit to the number of trips you can log. There’s no need for a battery! The OBD-II port provides power. Sleeps when the ignition is off, but it checks the location every hour to stay current. Shared car tracking device accounts.Mini gps tracker.


10. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 4G LTE


GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 4G LTE
  • POWERFUL TWIN MAGNET CASE GPS Tracker with Accurate, Discreet, Real-Time Tracking
  • Quarterly 5% off | Bi-annual 10% off | Annual 20% off subscription plan: $19.95 per month Everything is included and you can cancel at any time. As fast as a 10 second report frequency, all tracker update options are included in the package, and there are no hidden fees.
  • Duration of use: up to two weeks at a reporting frequency of once every minute; if the battery lasts shorter than expected due to low cell signal strength, the tracker will use more energy to keep connected. – To get your tracker’s sim card replaced with one that is better suited to your location, contact Optimus customer service. U.S. and Canada coverage, GPS tracker long battery life, Mini gps tracker.

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FAQs about the best-hidden GPS trackers for cars with long battery life

How does the data get back to me?

In order to send their data to the company’s servers over cellular data networks, all GPS trackers make use of SIM cards. The subscribers’ apps then receive the information. Trackers can be affected by dead zones or signal blocks, which can cause delays in receiving updates about a vehicle’s location and other data. It’s common for devices intended for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico to use 4G networks, while devices in other countries might require a different SIM card.

How often does the battery need to be recharged?

Up to 14 days can be expected from most models if they are set to their default settings. Updating more frequently will reduce battery life, which is why most mobile devices only support updates every 60 seconds. Having the ability to send a low-battery alert to your app comes in handy in this situation. Using cases with larger batteries can extend the battery life of some trackers.

How often does a tracker update its data?

The “refresh rate” or “sample rate” of a tracker is often buried in the specifications or web copy, but it is crucial to know. This is especially true if you’re tracking an inexperienced teen or vulnerable senior driver, who may be prone to distractions while behind the wheel. As long as you don’t use your device constantly, most battery-powered devices should be fine. It’s possible to speed up the update process on some models, though. It is, however, a trade-off for faster updates with battery-powered trackers.

What is a geofence?

Geofences, or designated areas on the map, can be set up in the apps for most GPS trackers, allowing you to be notified when the car leaves or enters that area. In contrast to most apps, which only allow you to create circular zones with vague boundaries, some let you create zones of any shape, allowing for more precise notifications.

Is it legal to use a GPS tracker in a car?

Checking your state’s regulations is always a good idea because they can differ from state to state. Several states prohibit installing a tracker in a vehicle without the owner’s permission, according to the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislature). Several others prohibit tracking unless the person being tracked gives their permission. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as when a parent or guardian wants to monitor the whereabouts of a minor child. A GPS tracker can be installed on any vehicle you own legally, according to BrickHouse Security.

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