5 Best magic glass repair kit | for DIY and Professional Repair

It’s a story that’s been told a thousand times before. A pebble is flung from a passing truck and a new windshield crater is created.

It’s possible for a chip to grow into a large crack that will eventually ruin a windshield.

Even though professional repairs or replacements can cost hundreds of dollars, there are more affordable and less complicated options if the chip is small. Magic glass repair kit.

Epoxy resin/windshield repair resin fills, seals, and stabilizes minor damage in the windshield. One-inch-diameter targets are best suited for this type of tool.

A cracked or chipped windshield should be repaired as soon as possible by the driver.

Temperature changes and road dirt can cause the chip to break even more of the glass surrounding it, making it impossible for the epoxy to adhere. Windshield replacement may be necessary if cracks have already appeared.

Glass chips can be filled and stabilized using a variety of methods, but these kits differ primarily in the method of epoxy injection used.

There are many that include an attachment for vacuuming out dirt and moisture, making the repair process more efficient.

Repair kits are a viable alternative for drivers on a budget, even if the final product isn’t up to par with brand new.

The following are the best magic glass repair kits for repairing windshield chips, as determined by our research.

Best magic glass repair kits

1. Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit | magic glass repair kit

With a reputation for products that keep windshields clear, Rain-X is a well-known name in the automotive industry.

Additionally, their kit can be used on cracks up to 12 inches in length, provided that the cracks do not extend to the windshield’s edges in two places.

The injection syringe from Rain-X can be used multiple times and adheres to windshields using suction cups, not a peel-and-stick pad.

Using this kit necessitates working in a shaded area because the epoxy resin hardens in UV light. Best windshield stick is also called windshield repair resin.


  • Inexpensive
  • It can be used on cracks less than 12 inches
  • Suitable for more than one repair


  • Curing time of several hours 
  • It can’t be used in overly cold or hot weather
  • Strong odor, and not fun to get off your hands if it goes astray during application



2. Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit

Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit | magic glass repair kit

Blue-peel-and-stick Star’s vacuum syringe is hard to beat in terms of ease of use. If your vehicle has an older, more upright windshield, or if you drive a Jeep Wrangler or a van with a steeper windshield, this kit may not be the best option for you.

Linear and spider cracks are also not recommended for this product by the manufacturer.

There is only enough resin in this kit to repair one chip, and the self-adhesive syringe can only be used once. In spite of this, it’s still a good deal at less than $10.00 for windshield stick.


  • Simple to use
  • Includes vacuum syringe 
  • Affordably Priced


  • Good for only one repair
  • Not for use on linear or spider cracks  
  • Some users report insufficient resin in the tube 


3. Clearshield Windshield Repair Kit

Clearshield Windshield Repair Kit | magic glass repair kit

The Clearshield kit costs a lot, but it’s worth every penny. There is a large single suction cup on the resin injection pump that provides superior sticking power.

To remove burs and rough edges from chips, buyers are given a grinding tool. Even if the sun isn’t shining, a UV light is included to speed up the resin’s curing process.

There is enough resin in this kit to complete 200+ repairs, and additional kits are available if needed. Best windshield repair resin.

Clearshield windshield scratch repair kit also offers video tutorials and user support. Despite the plastic toolbox, Clearshield’s kit is the best option for those who want to repair chipped windshields like a pro or have extremely difficult chips to fix.


  • Professional quality
  • Good for 200+ repairs
  • Factory user support


  • Towering price
  • The included toolbox could be better quality
  • Not far off in cost from actual windshield replacement


4. Yoohe Windshield Repair Kit

Yoohe Windshield Repair Kit | magic glass repair kit

With this comprehensive kit, you’ll get everything you need to get started, from the vacuum needle to the blade to the cure strips – windshield stick.

Repairs are possible for cracks up to 12 inches long, according to the manufacturer.

Yoohe’s product isn’t suitable for cracks that touch the edge of the windshield in more than one place, like other similar windshield scratch repair kits or windshield repair resin.

Suction cups on the injection syringe keep it attached to the windshield, making it versatile. The resin in this kit has a strong smell, but it goes away once it’s dried out.


  • Quick repair time
  • Includes vacuum syringe
  • Good for multiple repairs


  • Overly complex vacuum syringe
  • Unpleasant smelling resin
  • Less-than-clear instruction manual


5. Zecurate Windshield Repair Kit

Zecurate Windshield Repair Kit | magic glass repair kit

This kit comes with enough resin and curing film to repair several windshield chips. It’s a little more expensive than some single-use kits, but not by much.

Those who have a fleet of vehicles to maintain or who have been stuck behind a gravel truck for 75 miles may prefer the Zecurate windshield scratch repair kit.

While the Zecurate kit is inexpensive, some customers have complained that the suction cups are not strong enough to hold the windshield in place while the repair is being done.


  • Kit includes two bottles of resin
  • Can repair multiple chips
  • Includes vacuum syringe


  • Complicated, screw action syringe
  • Instructions are not clear  
  • Some users report inadequate tension from suction cups

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FAQs About Best magic glass repair kits

Do windshield repair kits really work?

Even though the results may not be as perfect as with a new windshield, they do work. Maintain a clean, well-shaded, and well-ventilated workspace to ensure the best possible repair results.

How large of a windshield crack be repaired?

Cracks up to 12 inches long can be repaired with one of the kits we tested. For stone chips and bullseyes, however, kits are best. Repair or replacement by a trained professional is probably the best course of action. Clear nail polish works similarly to Superglue in stabilizing small chips and cracks. It’s true that nail polish isn’t nearly as long-lasting as the special epoxy resins that are used in windshield repair kits.

Can Superglue repair chips and cracks?

Superglue works well for small chips, but windshield repair kits use resins specifically formulated for repairing the damaged glass. An easier-to-distract-from-on-the-road fix can be achieved by purchasing a repair kit and carefully following the included instructions.

Can clear nail polish repair chips and cracks?

Clear nail polish, like Superglue, can be used to repair small chips and cracks. Nail polish, on the other hand, is significantly less durable and will not last as long as the epoxy resins found in windshield repair kits.

How much does professional chip repair cost?

If the damage is severe, the cost of professional chip repair can rise to as much as $200.



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