what is TLC in a car?

What Does It Mean When A Car Needs TLC

“What does TLC mean?” is a frequently asked question in the automotive business. ” While the typical person may not understand car terminology, everyone understands tender loving care.

what is TLC in a car? – Tender-loving care is what TLC stands for. Cars, like people, require attention and affection. A car does not require hugs or verbal support, but it does require routine maintenance and care.

There is no such thing as a car that does not require maintenance. So many individuals buy a car and then neglect it completely.

That is why so many automobiles require special attention. If you own a high-performance or luxury vehicle, it will require considerably more TLC.

TLC extends the life of your vehicle. The more you care for your car, the less likely it is to break down, and the longer it will last.

It’s considerably more expensive to pay for major repairs later than it is to receive regular maintenance, so don’t ignore your car’s fundamental needs.

What Is Tlc In A Car & How To Give Your Car Tender Loving Care

Oil Changes and Filters

what is TLC in a car?

So, what are the routine maintenance procedures that almost every car requires? First and foremost, your oil should be replaced.

Even though most people are aware of this, many people do not change their oil frequently enough. Oil changes are recommended every 3000 miles or three months, whichever comes first.

Depending on your car, you can choose from a variety of options. Some cars, for example, can run on synthetic oil for up to 15,000 miles between oil changes.

However, if in doubt, go every three months. Along with oil changes, your car’s filters must be replaced.

This is frequently done at the same time as an oil change, so make sure your filters are checked every three months as well.

Rotate Your Tires

what is TLC in a car?

By keeping balance and even tread on all four tyres, rotating your tyres will improve your car’s handling. Every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, your tyres should be rotated.

Even if you think your tyres are good and don’t notice any signs of wear, you should rotate them still since you don’t want them to come to the point where you can see the wear and tear.

The front axle tyres on your automobile have a completely different job than the rear axle tyres, which is why the tread on them is uneven.

The tyres on a luxury car will need to be rotated more frequently than those on a low-performance vehicle. To extend the life of your tyres, make sure you rotate them.

Keep Up With Your Car’s Fluids

what is TLC in a car?

You should be keeping track of and maintaining a number of different fluids. The engine oil comes first. You can’t expect your engine to function at its best if you don’t love it.

The longer you go without changing your engine oil, the poorer your car’s performance will get. The coolant is the next oil to keep an eye on.

Coolant prevents overheating, rusting, corrosion, freezing, and breaking in your engine. The next fluid on the list is brake fluid.

This is crucial. You might not be able to trust your brakes if you don’t keep your brake fluid levels up to date.

Finally, once you reach 100,000 miles, change your transmission fluid.

You will have a lot of wear and tear on the clutches if you do not service your transmission fluid.

Fluids are essential for people and cars to keep healthy. Make sure your vehicle has a sufficient supply of fresh fluids at all times.

Get Your Brake Pads And Lights Checked

what is TLC in a car?

A regular checkup should include a check of your brake pads, and it’s a crucial aspect of that inspection.

In addition to routine inspections, if you hear a noise when braking or feel your brakes begin to grind, take your vehicle to a mechanic right away. Do you wish to purchase a ticket?

Nobody does, so make sure your lights are in good operating order. You and everyone else on the road are at risk if your lights are muted or nonexistent.

If the lenses become dull, clean them and replace them as soon as they become worn out.

The Outside Of Your Car Deserves Love Too

what is TLC in a car?

It’s clear who takes care of their vehicle and who does not. Don’t be the person that fails to do so. Washing your automobile once in a while can make a big difference.

While the interior of a car is more significant in terms of function, you should also consider the appearance.

If you’re going to put in the effort to maintain the inside (which is required), you might as well do the same for the exterior. If you have a scratch or a dent, try buffing it out.

It shouldn’t take long and can have a significant impact. This one isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you truly want to love your car carefully, you should give it a waxing every now and then.

Make sure your vehicle is presentable and clean. Allowing rubbish to collect in your car is not a good idea.

Every few days, take a trash bag out to your car and make sure there is nothing superfluous on the floor or in the seats. When someone says their car needs TLC, it usually indicates it’s in very bad shape.

It’s clear that you’re not taking care of your automobile, and taking care of your car is simple, so make sure you do it.

Give your car some TLC, and it will return the favour.

what is TLC in a car?

Treat your car the same way you’d like to be treated. Make sure you take care of your car if you don’t want it to break down at the worst possible time.

You will save money by providing your automobile tender loving care, and you will not have to worry about large expenses due to severe car repairs.

You’ll be safer as well as save money because a healthy car will get you where you need to go without any problems.

You will be happy as a result of being safer. It’s a good thing to have peace of mind. On a snowy night, you don’t want the stress of driving with a bad brake or low tyre tread.

You don’t have to have any worries or doubts about your care if you give it TLC. People need tender loving care, and so do cars.

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