Top 5 Best Goodyear floor mats For Cars

Goodyear is known for its tyres, but what makes their Goodyear floor mats so popular is the same thing that makes their tyres so popular.

Charles Goodyear discovered in 1839 that adding sulphur and heat to rubber changes its consistency; this technique, subsequently known as vulcanization, became the foundation for Goodyear’s tyres and floor mats.

The company’s floor mats are made of thermoplastic elastomer material.

The mat is made to match your car’s make, model, and year to a point.

Furthermore, the production procedure ensures that they are capable of removing as much dirt and moisture as possible from your garments and feet.

Furthermore, the deep, pan-like form of Goodyear mats protects against all types of spills and messes.

We’ve put up a list of the top five Goodyear floor mats.

To ensure the best fit and utility, know the year, make, and model of the vehicle you’re purchasing.

Top 5 Best Goodyear floor mats For Cars


1. Goodyear GY6204 Premium Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat

Goodyear Rubber Floor Mat | Goodyear floor mats For Cars

  • PVC mats that are extra heavy-duty and wear resistant.
  • Extremely adaptable at harsh temperatures. Made with a raised moisture barrier to keep rain, spills, and snow off your floors.
  • Non-slip retaining nibs are built-in. The product has an anti-skidding nib backing that makes the mats immobile, reducing the risk of slipping.
  • Extra heavy quality floor mats in the traditional style.
  • In harsh weather conditions, superior materials will not crack, curl, or harden.


2. Goodyear Custom Fit Car Floor Liners 

Goodyear Custom Fit Car Floor Liners  | Goodyear floor mats For Cars


  • Custom Fit Floor Mats — Unlike traditional heavy-duty floor mats, these automobile floor liners are designed to fit the exact floor interior layout of your SUV, providing ideal floor coverage with significantly better precision. Lexus RX 300, 350, 350L, 450H, 450HL floor mats are compatible with Lexus RX 2016-2022 300, 350, 350L, 450H, 450HL.
  • Enhanced All-Weather Protection — Our floor mats help protect fabrics and floors from dirty shoes, rain and liquid spills, dust and grime, and other messes created by drivers and passengers.
  • Reinforced Durability and Resilience — Goodyear vehicle floor mats have a specific thermoplastic heel pad in the pedal control area to decrease flooring wear and tear, as well as a temperature resistance range of -40°F to 122°F for use in any environment.
  • Anti-Slip Mesh Backing with Fasteners — Each floor liner has a slip-resistant back to prevent them from sliding or bunching up while driving or getting in and out of the car, enhancing floor protection.
  • Rapid and Thorough Cleaning Options – Thanks to the novel Diamond Shape technology and stronger design, you can clean them quickly by shaking them out with a few quick strokes on the back, or thoroughly by using water and a pressure washer.


3. Goodyear Custom Fit Cargo Mat Liner / Trunk Liner

Goodyear Custom Fit Cargo trunk Liner | Goodyear floor mats For Cars

  • Custom Fit – These cargo mats are designed to fit the GMC Terrain 2018-2022 and have a temperature resistance range of -40°F to 122°F for all-weather performance. They’re made of the highest-quality, most lasting materials in the industry to keep your automobile clean and dry on a constant basis.
  • Liquid & Dirt Trapping Technique – We developed our own liquid and dirt trapping technology for our cargo mat trunk liners. Diamond-shaped cells in these cargo liners trap water and dirt inside small crevasses, keeping the liner’s upper surface, as well as all goods on top of it, dry and clean.
  • Cargo Liner with Double Protection — This cargo liner not only keeps your trunk clean and free of scratches and damage, but it also keeps your luggage, pet, and other belongings clean and dry. It collects dirt and moisture in the space between the top and bottom, providing maximum protection.
  • Anti-Slip Backing — Each trunk liner has an anti-slip backing that prevents it from bunching or slipping off when putting items in the car. When slipping in large goods like furniture or when pets wander around while driving, this is the most convenient option!
  • Easy-to-Use Lift Handle – This automobile trunk liner also comes with a simple-to-use lift handle for easy access to your spare tyre or other stowed items. Furthermore, simply grasp the mat by the handle and shake it off when you’re ready to clean it!


4. Goodyear, Water Resistant Trunk Mat

Goodyear Trunk Mat | Goodyear floor mats For Cars

  • PROTECTIVE TRUNK MAT – This easy-to-install, universal-size trunk mat is just what you need to keep your vehicle’s trunk clean and free of debris, sand, and spills while keeping your vehicle’s interior looking new! This trunk liner is ideal for transporting pets, lugging muddy sports equipment, or bringing camping and fishing gear without having to worry about damaging your car’s interior.
  • WATER RESISTANT – To assist catch any moisture and spills, the Goodyear trunk floor mat is comprised of the highest quality, water resistant materials. After a muddy stroll, you can confidently place your pet in the trunk, knowing that the trunk liner will gather any dirt or moisture, saving you time and money by safeguarding your car trunk carpet.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE TRUNK LINER – this dirt collector trunk mat was built to last! This trunk liner is extremely sturdy, with reinforced fastenings and stitching, and can withstand regular, everyday use, whether you’re loading groceries or dogs! The hook and loop fastenings are designed to withstand continuous usage, and the water-resistant fabric is anti-rip to guarantee that your trunk floor mat lasts a long time.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE FOR ALL VEHICLE TYPES – This universal cargo trunk mat will fit snuggly over your entire trunk floor, sides, and back, whether you drive a car, truck, van, or SUV. Our trunk liner has completely adjustable straps for optimal coverage of your car trunk, as well as a bumper flap for further protection of your vehicle’s paintwork when loading and unloading stuff.
  • CARGO MAT IS EASY TO INSTALL – There are no complicated instructions or special tools needed to install your dirt collector trunk mat, and it can be done in seconds. Simply lay the trunk mat flat in the trunk, hook the two top loops over the rear headrests, then adhere your mat to the side and bottom surfaces with the various hook and look fastenings for a strong, firm hold.


5. Goodyear GY1219 Waterproof Car Seat Protector

Goodyear Car Seat Protector | Goodyear floor mats For Cars

  • KICK PROTECTOR – Our universal kick mats will protect your car upholstery from filth produced by kids kicking the back of the seat. It comes in a set of two and requires no assembly. Simply arrange each mat behind each front seat.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Our car seat protectors are made of waterproof material and are very easy to clean. To eliminate any dirt that would have otherwise wound up on your automobile upholstery, simply wipe it clean with a wipe or a warm soapy water wipe.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT- Our adjustable kick mats have been designed to fit most automobile seats. Our kick mats will protect your car from kick marks created by toddlers and children in car seats by covering the full region on the back of the seat.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – These robust, heavy-duty car seat mats are made of waterproof material and will withstand even the most active children’s kicks! The wipeable fabric also makes it simple to remove any stains that may occur.
  • STORAGE POCKETS – We’ve included mesh storage pockets in our car seat protectors as well. We understand how much’stuff’ toddlers and youngsters require when they are out and about, which is why these pockets are so useful.


FAQs About Goodyear Floor Mats For Cars

Which is the best car floor mat?

How do I know what floor mats will fit my car?

Measure from the front border of the seat to a few inches up the front of the floor well. The driver’s and passenger’s sides of most cars have the same floor measurements. Measure the length of the back seat floor. The back mats are frequently constructed to cover only the little space where a passenger’s feet will naturally rest.

What are 7D mats?

The 7D car mats are designed to provide end-to-end fit while adding the highest level of luxury to the vehicle’s interior. Furthermore, E.V.A, artificial leather, foam, and velcro are used to create 7d car mats. These carpets require little upkeep, are known to trap dirt, and are generally waterproof.

How do I keep my floor mats from sliding in my car?

Underneath the carpet, use carpet tape.

By putting carpet tape underneath your floor mats, you can keep them from rolling around. Carpet tape is a type of two-sided tape used for carpet installation. Unlike normal tape, this tape has adhesion on both sides.

Should you buy floor mats for new car?

If you were to purchase a new automobile, you should consider investing in a high-quality car mat to keep your vehicle as clean and well-protected as possible while driving. Protection from the weather, such as dust and road filth, is another benefit that car mats can provide.

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