Top 10 Best spotter mirror and Why You Need Them

Blind spot mirrors are a low-cost, high-impact technique to increase driver safety.

Most factory side mirrors have blind zones, and you don’t have to be a car expert to notice. Blind spot-related incidents account for around 840,000 accidents per year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Blind spot detection is now available as a safety feature on some modern automobiles, with a light that glows on the side mirror if an item is detected in your blind area.

However, if your car lacks blind spot detection, you may be seeking for a solution to observe what’s in your blind spot while driving.

Blind spot mirrors or Spotter Mirror are a low-cost, low-tech technique to increase driver safety by allowing you to see what’s in your blind zone without having to turn your head. These little mirrors come in handy when driving in congested areas.

where you might miss a pedestrian or cyclist in your blind spot by accident.

The most common blind spot mirrors are stick-on versions that attach to your current side mirrors and provide a wider view of your vehicle’s side and rear.

While some automobiles have blind spot mirrors built into the factory side mirrors, the majority do not.

Fortunately, you can acquire a pair for less than the cost of lunch, which will improve your safety and the safety of people around you.

Benefits of Blind Spot Mirrors

Spotter Mirror

The advantages of blind spot mirrors may seem self-evident, but they have other applications besides displaying what’s in your blind area when driving.

They’re useful in everyday driving scenarios, allowing you to keep track of all the traffic. When changing lanes or turning, it’s still better to turn swiftly to check your blind spots rather than relying just on blind spot mirrors.

When backing out of a parking slot or parallel parking, blind spot mirrors are also useful.

Blind spot mirrors, when properly installed, will show you how near you are to a curb, allowing you to avoid scratching your wheels.

Choosing the Right Blind Spot Mirrors

On the surface, blind spot mirrors appear to be nearly identical. They’re either round or square, and their purpose is to improve your perspective of what’s to the side and behind your vehicle.

However, there are a few factors to consider while selecting the correct blind spot mirrors for your vehicle.

When choosing the right blind spot mirrors, keep the size of your stock side mirror in mind. Blind spot mirrors that don’t take up a lot of room but yet give you a good view of what’s behind and to the side are ideal.

Some blind spot mirrors may be adjusted, allowing you to widen your view by angling or turning them.

Adjustable blind spot mirrors are a little more expensive, but the added versatility is frequently worth it.

Finally, rather than being made of plastic, some blind spot mirrors are made of aluminium. You may want to invest a little more for aluminium blind spot mirrors because they don’t decay as rapidly as plastic models, depending on where you live and how you store your car.

However, for most automobile owners, this is a minor consideration when selecting the correct blind spot mirrors.

How to Properly Install Blind Spot Mirrors

Spotter Mirror

The majority of blind spot mirrors will come with instructions on how to correctly install them. In most cases, it’s a simple task, but some mirrors come with swivel mounts, which necessitate an extra step or two.

Here are some general guidelines for ensuring that your mirrors are correctly fitted and secure so that they don’t fall off after a few car washes.

  1. Determine where you want the blind spot mirror to go—before you begin the installation process, you’ll need to figure out where you want the mirror to go. You’ll want to test placement depending on the style you bought to make sure it provides you the field of view you require. The lower or upper outside corner of your side mirror is usually where you’ll find this.
  2. Start by cleaning the surface of your side mirrors with alcohol before beginning the installation process. Make sure the adhesive is fully adhered to a clean surface without catching on any dust or particles. Before moving on to the following step, make sure your mirror’s surface is completely dry.
  3. Install the mirror—Once the mirror’s surface has dried completely and you’ve decided where you want the blind spot mirror to go, carefully peel back the paper coverings on the adhesive and fix the mirror in place. Allow the glue to perform its work of securely connecting the blind spot mirror to the side mirror by applying moderate pressure for at least 20 seconds.
  4. What if the mirror is mounted on a swivel? If you bought a mirror with a swivel mount, follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter. Typically, the blind spot mirror is attached to the bracket, which is then attached to the side mirror.Before placing the bracket on your mirror, you should test the positioning and adjustability one more.
  5. Stay away from the car wash! For the first 24 hours after installing your blind spot mirrors, it’s advisable to avoid washing your car or taking it to a car wash. This ensures that the adhesive adheres to the side mirror properly and that your blind spot mirror does not slip off immediately away.

What if I Want to Remove my Blind Spot Mirrors?

Removing your blind spot mirror could take some effort if the glue does its job effectively.

A single edge razor blade is the most critical equipment for this procedure, which you will use to carefully detach the glue from your side mirror.

To avoid harming your mirror’s glass, go slowly, and you can even use a hair dryer to assist you remove the blind spot mirror.

If any adhesive remains after removing the mirror, remove it with nail paint, alcohol, or any other adhesive remover to restore your side mirror to its original state.

Top 10 Spotter Mirror

1. Ampper 2-inch Round/Square Blind Spot Mirrors

Ampper, one of Amazon’s best-selling products, sells round and square blind spot mirrors in bundles of two or four.

The circular mirrors have a diameter of two inches and are curved, frameless, and super thin.

They have a tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket and 3M adhesive for easy installation, and they can revolve 360 degrees and wobble.

The square mirrors are 3.7 by 1.37 inches in size.

These mirrors are waterproof to IP65, rust-resistant, and the glass will not haze, according to Amperr.

Pros – 3M adhesive, frameless, extremely thin, adjustable, available in round or square

Cons – Swivel mounts are prone to breaking over time.

2. Fit System Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors

The Fit System adjustable blind spot mirrors are one of the most affordable solutions on our list. However, they come at a cost because they employ plastic instead of glass, which is less clear.

They are adjustable and offer a wide angle view, measuring two inches in diameter.

They are, however, enclosed in a thick plastic frame, which limits adjustment and, if your side mirrors are small, takes up a little extra space.

Depending on the weather where you live, the plastic may degrade over time.

A little square adhesive is included on the back of these mirrors for easy installation, though some users complain that it isn’t particularly strong.

Pros – Price, adjustable

Cons – Instead of glass, a plastic mirror is used, with a plastic frame.

3. Utopicar Long Design Blind Spot Mirrors

This Utopicar blind spot mirror has a longer shape that provides a wider field of view – just make sure it doesn’t take up too much room on your side mirror.

These mirrors are 5.25 inches by 1.25 inches and cost a little more than conventional round mirrors with a diameter of two inches.

They’re adjustable and come with 3M adhesive to help you put them together.

This type of mirror provides a better view of the vehicle’s sides, but it isn’t as good for parking as round mirrors.

The blind spot mirrors from Utopicar come with a one-year warranty.

Pros – Long for a wider field of view, 3M adhesive, and a one-year warranty

Cons – Some mirrors may be overly huge, and it doesn’t help much with parking.

4. Essential Contraptions 4-Pack Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot mirrors from Essential Contraptions come in a four-pack and have a rust-resistant metal frame rather than plastic, as well as actual glass that does not haze over time.

They have a diameter of two inches and come with a circular piece of adhesive for simple application.

Because these mirrors aren’t adjustable, ensure sure the field of view is sufficient for your mirrors. When it comes to blind spot mirrors, they’re about as basic as they get.

Their per-mirror cost is low, but because they come in a four-pack, the total cost is greater than the other options on the list.

Pros – Real glass, four pack, rust-resistant aluminium frame

Cons – Because they’re sold in a four-pack, they’re non-adjustable.

5. Utopicar Semi-Oval Blind Spot Mirrors

Semi-oval blind spot mirrors measuring 2.6 inches by 1.8 inches are also available from Utopicar. With 3M outdoor adhesive on the back, these can be placed as fully adjustable mirrors.

If you want to adjust the mirrors, simply adhere the blind spot mirror to the plastic bases before mounting it to the side mirror. You can simply clip the mirrors onto the car’s side mirror if you want a permanent installation.

According to Utopicar, the semi-oval design is less convex, allowing for a larger view of what’s behind and to the side of the vehicle. Rather of the sky or the sun, the elongated form emphasises what is in the near lane.

These mirrors feature a frameless style and high reflective silver film mirrors. They also come with a one-year warranty.

Pros – Price includes fully adjustable or fixed installation options, a semi-oval frameless design, 3M adhesive, and a one-year warranty

Cons – Price

6. Liberrway Blind Spot Mirrors

There are two types of blind spot mirrors available from Liberrway: one round and one square. These mirrors have a swivel mounting bracket that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust them as needed.

The square mirror comes with 3M adhesive for easy installation and may be installed horizontally or vertically on your side mirror.

Both styles of mirrors are IP65 waterproof, corrosion resistant, and the chrome plated glass will not haze.

The square mirror has a sleek design and is 3.74 inches by 1.38 inches. The circular mirrors have a diameter of two inches, which is very normal for the period.

Pros – Chrome-plated glass, 360-degree rotatable, IP65 waterproof, corrosion resistant

Cons – They’re easy to shift, so you’ll have to reposition them if they get knocked.

7. Kitbest Frameless Blind Spot Mirrors

Kitbest offers two types of blind spot mirrors, one of which is designed in the shape of a fan. It can rotate 360 degrees and sway 30 degrees, allowing you to get the most out of your perspective.

The curved glass is backed by 3M adhesive for pressure-sensitive tape installation and has a frameless, super thin design.

The mirror is comprised of a rust-resistant, waterproof substance, and the glass will not haze. They also have little swivel mounting brackets that may be adjusted easily.

While the fan design is distinctive, it is larger than a standard blind spot mirror, thus it isn’t suited for use on smaller side mirrors.

They are two inches in diameter if you choose the round design, which is identical to most popular round mirrors.

Pros – Fan design is one-of-a-kind, with 360-degree rotation and 30-degree sway, 3M adhesive, waterproof and rust resistance, and no glass to look through.

Cons – The fan design isn’t appropriate for small mirrors because it protrudes from the surface.

8. Total View 360 Wide Angle Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

Total View 360 is another popular and economical choice. The concave form of these wide angle, adjustable blind spot mirrors gives you a superb view of anything around your vehicle.

These blind spot mirrors are easy to install and can fit any vehicle’s side mirror thanks to 3M adhesive. They can be rotated and adjusted after mounted for greater visibility.

These adjustable blind spot mirrors aren’t flashy, but they’ll get the job done for a reasonable price.

Pros – Adjustable, 3M adhesive, concave design, and a budget-friendly price

Cons – The plastic construction feels cheap, and the size is a little on the tiny side.

9. Zone Tech Square Blind Spot Mirrors

Zone Tech has a smaller square form that claims to provide a vision that is three times larger and clearer than conventional mirrors.

These come with a strong adhesive and can be rotated 360 degrees and swayed 30 degrees. The mirrors are made of curved glass that is frameless and very thin.

These mirrors are essentially square versions of the circular two-inch mirrors.

There aren’t many complaints about these mirrors, so they’re an excellent choice if you want something square that better matches the appearance of your vehicle’s side mirror.

Pros – Frameless, very thin, 360-degree rotation, 30-degree sway

Cons – They are too small for some users.

10. Amfor Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are available in three distinct shapes and sizes from Amfor: oval, rectangle, and round.

All three varieties come with 3M adhesive and a little adjustable swivel mounting bracket for easy installation.

These mirrors are totally adjustable, waterproof, rust-proof, and the glass won’t haze. The glass has a flexible convex form that gives excellent visibility while remaining super thin.

These are fairly similar to the other items on the list and are reasonably priced. Some customers say the mirrors don’t arrive with directions, so you’ll have to figure out how to put the swivel mount together on your own.

Pros – Swivel mount, fully adjustable, ultra-thin design, waterproof, rust-resistant, glass

Cons – There are no instructions supplied.

FAQ’s About Spotter Mirror

Are blind spot monitors worth it?

BSM can be a beneficial technique when used, as lane-changing crashes account for roughly 10% of all automobile accidents. Blind-spot monitoring reduces lane-changing accidents by 14 percent, according to a 2017 study published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Furthermore, it minimizes injuries from lane-change collisions by 23%.

How effective are blind spot mirrors?

Yes, as long as the blind spot mirror is properly positioned. Despite their modest size, they perform an excellent job of revealing areas that the OEM side mirror cannot…. Objects in those blind spot mirrors are also closer than they appear, just like they are in your car’s side mirrors.

Can you add blind spot monitoring to an old car?

An aftermarket blind spot monitor is a wonderful addition if you own an older vehicle that’s not equipped with certain types of equipment. Installing a blind spot monitor can protect you and your passengers from dangers that you might not notice right away.

Can you use blind spot mirrors on driving test?

In everyday driving and during the driving test, the blind spot mirror can help with all-around surveillance. The mirrors are useful not just for safe driving, but also for the driving test, particularly during maneuvers.

Are blind spot mirror convex or concave?

A convex blind spot mirror is a curved mirror that allows the viewer to see sections of their surroundings that they otherwise would not be able to see. Convex mirrors are frequently installed close to tight road corners to help drivers to check for approaching vehicles.

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