Top 8 Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi Engine

We all know how good an engine the 5.7 Hemi really is and how important it is to keep it in good shape.

The most important part is changing the oil, and this article is about the best oil for 5.7 Hemi engine.

5.7 Hemi Engine Overview

The first 5.7 Hemi was made in 2003, and it is still used in the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500.

The engine’s cylinder compression ratio was 9.6:1 from the time it was made until 2008. Then, in 2009, it was changed to 10.5:1.

Because of this change in the compression ratio, the power and torque of 2009 RAM models went up.

At 5600 rpm, the hp went from 345 to 390, and the torque went from 375 lb-ft to 400 lb-ft. In 2013, the RAM 1500 model has another improvement in horsepower and torque.

In 2009, the engine’s valvetrain also changed. From then on, engines either have VCT or VVT. In the past, only VVT was used.

This 5.7 L V8 engine has a displacement of 345 cubic inches, which hasn’t changed since it was made, even though the compression ratio, power, and torque ratings have.

How many quarts of oil for 5.7 hemi? When the oil filter is changed, this engine can hold 7 quarts of oil. Officially, API certified 5W-20 viscosity grade oil is recommended for this engine. Also, 5W-20 is the best type of oil for a 5.7 Hemi. Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi Engine.

The Best Oil Grade For The 5.7 Hemi Engine

Chrysler says that SAE 5W-20 is the best oil grade for the 5.7 Hemi Engine. The viscosity rating of 5W-20 oil is 5 in cold weather and 20 when the engine is running at its best temperature. Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi Engine.

It’s a fairly thin oil that works well in the 5.7 Hemi Engine, but if you have to switch grades, 0W-20 or 5W-30 would be the next best thing, but I’d stick with what the manufacturer says.

You can look at the engine oil cap or the owner’s manual to find out what grade of oil can be used.

The 5.7 Hemi Oil Consumption

How many quarts of oil for 5.7 hemi? The 5.7 Hemi in a Chrysler needs 7 quarts of SAE 5W-20 full synthetic oil, so it’s best to find a good deal on a 6-pack and pay a little more for an extra quart of oil.

I would try not to buy individual 1-quart bottles unless they come in a pack, because they are usually much more expensive than 5-quart jugs because of how they are packaged and marketed.

The 5.7 Hemi Engine isn’t supposed to burn oil when it’s being used normally, and you shouldn’t need more than a quart of oil in the trunk in case you need to top it off.

Most of the time, the engine will only use a small amount of oil between oil changes.


Oil For 5.7 Hemi by Milage

Your car’s mileage may change based on how far you’ve driven it. For cars with different mileage, different types of engine oil are suggested.

Let’s see what the majority of users say about them.

In this forum, people say that engine oil recommended by the manufacturer is best for cars with low mileage.

As long as the engine is still under warranty, using anything other than what is suggested can make the warranty invalid. So, 5W-20 oil is recommended for cars with less than 60,000 miles on them.

Users say that you can change the oil whenever you want in a high-mileage car. Since 5W-20 is made for cold starts, you may want a thicker oil if you live in a warmer place.

You can also use either synthetic or regular oil. When you use synthetic oil, you won’t have to change it as often as when you use regular oil.

So, you can use synthetic oils in cars that get a lot of miles. This forum says that Mobil 1 may be the best oil for a 5.7 Hemi with a lot of miles on it.

Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi Engine


1. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Pennzoil Platinum | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

To protect the 5.7 Hemi’s engine, Chrysler recommends Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 motor oil.

The 5.7 Hemi requires full synthetic oil, which Penzzoil provides in compliance with Chrysler’s MS-6395 OEM requirements.

This natural gas-based Platinum 5W-20 oil is the first entirely synthetic engine oil created from natural gas.

Fuel economy is improved, pistons are kept 45 percent cleaner, and the engine is protected from power loss and wear thanks to the new formula.

Some of the other options on this list are less expensive than Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 1-quart bottles, so you’ll need about $50 worth of oil for the oil change.


2. Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

An sophisticated protection compound in the Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W-20 motor oil ensures 10,000 miles or one year of protection, whichever comes first.

It’s comforting to know that even after ten thousand miles, the oil you’re using is still in excellent condition, even though I recommend changing it more frequently.

Active cleaning chemicals in the Mobil 1 formula remove dirt while also reducing engine wear.

The excellent heat and oxidation stability qualities further enhance the wear prevention.

To avoid damage during cold starts, the low-temperature capabilities are especially important in winter.

Because five quarts of Mobil 1 cost about $27, you can get enough oil for a change for around $40 if you mix it with two 1-quart bottles.

To save money, you may buy two 5-gallon jugs and preserve the rest for emergencies.


3. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

As one of the top solutions for the 5.7 Hemi, Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 motor oil satisfies most industry standards.

Anti-wear compounds have been improved by 40% to boost the level of protection.

From the first mile until the oil change, the oil delivers superior lubrication by resisting breakdown up to 10 times better than necessary by standards.

The new formula’s improved viscosity retention at both high and low temperatures protects the engine’s most sensitive parts from being damaged, thanks to this improved formula.

The anti-glug tube and easy pull tab make it simple to utilize the 5-quart bottle.

In comparison to Pennzoil and Mobil 1, the 5-quart bottle costs $30. There’s no reason not to pick up Valvoline’s Advanced Full Synthetic 5w-20 oil if you like the brand.


4. Amazon Basics High Mileage Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Amazon Basics High Mileage Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

The Amazon Basics motor oil may seem like a poor choice, but it is a high-quality oil that is accessible at a reasonable cost.

Amazon may have purchased a huge amount of oil from a well-known oil company and packaged it in their own bottles rather than establishing their own production plant.

Over 75,000 miles on the odometer, Amazon Basics high mileage full synthetic oil is recommended.

Thermal breakdown and viscosity resistance of the oil aid to decrease exhaust emissions and prevent corrosion and rusting.

Although Amazon Basics Oil costs $25 for a 5-quart bottle, it isn’t enough to move a buyer from Valvoline or Mobil 1 over Amazon Basics Oil, which is more expensive.

In the end, you can buy it, but I believe there are better alternatives that have deservedly achieved higher rankings on the list.


5. Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

The Castrol Edge Extended Performance oil has a 20,000-mile or one-year rated lifespan, making it one of the longest-lasting 5W-20 motor oils available.

Castrol boasts that their oil is three times as resistant to viscosity breakdown as Mobil 1 due to a 30 percent increase in oil film strength.

Because Castrol Edge Extended performance oil provides excellent protection at all temperatures, high temperatures or cold starts will have no detrimental impact on the engine.

At $54 for five quarts, Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W-20 synthetic motor oil isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s worth it for heavy-duty trucks that would otherwise require two or three oil changes in a year due to wear and tear.

Castrol Extended Performance is the most cost-effective alternative if you plan on driving your car for 20,000 miles or more before changing the oil.


6. Quaker State Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Quaker State Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

In order to fulfill Chrysler’s MS-6395 OEM standard, Quaker State’s synthetic blend motor oil must meet Chrysler’s MS-6395 specification.

Sludge and deposits are fought off by the formula, which keeps the engine operating smoothly.

ILSAC, GF-6A, and API SP/SP-resource preserving industry standards place the Quaker oil on par with the top 5W-20 motor oils.

For short trips, long trips, and cold starts, this oil maintains its viscosity during use.

The 5-quart bottle costs $35.5, which isn’t outrageous, but I’m leery about using a synthetic blend instead of a pure synthetic oil.

In spite of this, I decided to include the vehicle in my list because Chrysler’s standards are met.


7. Royal Purple SAE 5W-20 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple SAE 5W-20 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

5.7 Hemi engines benefit from Royal Purple’s high-performance 5W-20 oil, which provides lubrication, cleaning, and temperature reduction.

Metal-to-metal contact is prevented and friction is kept to a minimum by the improved additive process.

Improved fuel economy and reduced risk of low-speed pre-ignition are two further benefits.

The oil will help limit the emission of hazardous exhaust fumes and protect the engine from corroding.

As a whole, the Royal Purple synthetic high-performance oil is a good choice, and it’s not the most expensive at $48 for six quarts.


8. Lucas Oil SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Lucas Oil SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil | Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi

For best engine performance, Lucas Synthetic high mileage motor oil maintains a consistent viscosity and lubrication.

Oil is combined with Lucas Oil-exclusive additives that increase viscosity and contain anti-seize and corrosion protection agents.

With a quart costing $15 and no bulk discounts, Lucas Oil Synthetic 5W-20 oil is the most costly option on this list. Until it goes on sale, look for another option.


5.7 Hemi Engine Oil Type by Year

The first Hemi 5.7 engine was made in 2003. Since then, there have been a few changes made to the engine.

When manufacturers make changes to such old engines, they usually recommend a new type of engine oil. In 2009, Hemi 5.7 got its first major update.

2003-2008 HEMI 5.7 OIL TYPE

How many quarts of oil for 5.7 hemi? The compression ratio of the old Hemi 5.7 engine was 9.6:1. From 2003 to 2009, the oil type for the Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi was 5W-20. With the filter, the V8 5.7 L engine needs 7 quarts of oil. Best oil for ram 1500.

2009-2012 HEMI 5.7 OIL TYPE

The compression ratio of the engine was raised to 10.5:1, giving it more horsepower and torque.

But the type of oil that was recommended didn’t change. So, the type of oil for the 5.7 Hemi in 2012 is still 5W-20.


The engine in the Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7 got a small upgrade, but the engine in the 2500/3500 stayed the same. Best oil for ram 1500.

Also, the oil is the same grade as it was in older engines. The most common type of oil for the 2016 Ram 1500 5.7 is still 5W-20. Best oil for ram 1500.

The type of oil for the 2018 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi is also the same. 5W-30 is now the recommended oil grade for 2500/3500 Ram trucks with a weight rating of more than 14,000 lbs.Best oil for ram 1500.

If you’re not sure whether to use natural or synthetic oil, the answer is that you can use both. But in the long run, synthetic oil is always better.

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What kind of oil does a Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi Engine take?

It is advised that the recommended oil grade be SAE 5W-20 and that the oil itself be completely synthetic. Pennzoil is the oil that Chrysler recommends, but you can also choose from the others provided in this review.

Is Royal Purple oil good for the 5.7 Hemi Engine?

You can use Royal Purple’s 5W-20 oil the next time you do a change because it meets or exceeds industry and Chrysler standards.

Does the 5.7 Hemi require synthetic oil?

Yes! Different brands and additive formulations can be used, but the oil must be completely synthetic and have an SAE 5W-20 rating.

Is Valvoline good oil?

The oil produced by Valvoline, one of the world’s leading oil businesses, is used in passenger and commercial cars all over the world. While some manufacturers’ oils may differ somewhat, most oils, including Valvoline, match current industry requirements.

How often should you change the oil in a 5.7 Hemi Engine?

The oil change interval for a 5.7 Hemi is set at 10,000 miles or one year. You should also change the oil filter every time you service your vehicle, which is 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

What brand is Mopar oil?

It’s a Chrysler product, the 5.7 Hemi is designed to run on Mopar oil.


Conclusion On Best Oil For 5.7 Hemi Engine

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil is the finest oil for the 5.7 Hemi engine and comes in a 7-quart container.

While Pennzoil is Chrysler’s recommended oil brand, Mobil 1 has a highly competitive pricing and high quality to make it worth considering.

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